"Laughter IS the Best Medicine" November 19 2013, 2 Comments

        On Sunday, November 3rd, actress Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) joined actress and comedian Rebecca Corry in hosting the latest Stand Up For Pits (“SUFP”) show in Los Angeles, California. The event raised funds (and awareness) for Corry’s Stand Up for Pits Foundation and featured big stars, live music, great comedy and of course, the night’s VIPs: some of the cutest pit bulls you’ll ever see. As has been the case with all of the other SUFP events, this one sold out – which is great news for Corry’s SUFP Foundation and the organizations and pit bulls it supports. Fortunately, Rescued Cards was once again asked to capture the night in photos – here’s just some of what went down at one of our favorite events:

Stand Up for Pits events are making the media stand up and take notice – which helps actress/comedian Rebecca Corry in her mission to educate the public about pit bulls.

Some of the world’s funniest people are also some of the world’s best pit bull advocates. This includes the hilarious Cheri Oteri of “Saturday Night Live” and “The New Normal” fame.

Some folks have said that Sonny Ray – seen here with human pals Ashley Borden (trainer to the stars) and  Josh Reyes of “Dogumantry” -- has gone Hollywood, but for the life of us, we’re not sure why. 

Members of Hollywood's next generation like Mathilda Zappa (left) and actress Abby Gikas have already joined the legions of fans that adore Angel, the badly abused pit bull that Rebecca Corry rescued and that became the inspiration for SUFP. 

Former professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Gordon Shell and Kirk Porter, founder of KAE-O, a pro-pibble clothing line, are clearly looking forward to the One Million Pibbles March (also organized by Rebecca Corry) scheduled for May, 2014 in Washington, D.C. Shell retired from professional fighting last year, but continues to fight for animal rights.

Don’t be fooled by Angel’s apparent subdued reaction: the SUFP t-shirts provided by KAE-O (http://www.kae-o.com/) that Rebecca Corry and Kaley Cuoco showed off, were a big hit. 


There was no shortage of glamour or of cutting edge fashion at SUFP, especially when the four-legged stars made their entrances.

Stand up comedian and former “Breaking Bad” star Bill Burr kept everyone laughing, including some of the dogs.

Stand Up For Pits isn’t just about entertainment… people are invited to come learn more about pit bulls and meet adoptable dogs like, Austin, this irresistible “blue” pibble puppy from Angel City Pit Bulls. Fortunately, we're not the only ones who found Austin irresistible -- he was adopted before the night was through!

The Watkins Family Hour provided an energetic soundtrack for the evening's events.

Kaley Cuoco and her fiancé Ryan Sweeting can’t help but be big fans of Angel. With everyone in attendance in support of a great cause, there was plenty of love to go around, both for the pibbles….

… and amongst the pibbles.

Angel helped co-hosts Kaley Cuoco and Rebecca Corry (aka Angel’s “Mom”) close out yet another hugely successful Stand Up for Pits showcase. Next up for Corry and SUFP: the One Million Pibbles March in Washington, D.C. Please help support the March! To learn more about the One Million Pibbles March and how you can support the effort to end unjust and (ineffective!) breed specific legislation, please click here. 

~ KS